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Now is the time for sacred knowledge. 🍄🪴🍵🫂🧘🏼‍♀️

As perspectives shift on the legal landscape, thanks to game-changing legislation like the Colorado Natural Medicine Act and similar measures across the nation, the path is clear for these precious wonders to thrive.

So, take this chance to dive headfirst into the world of mycology. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge waiting for you on YouTube, including videos from renowned influencers like the ’90 Second Mycologist.’ Don’t miss out!

Experience the incredible diversity of the fungal kingdom with our Expert Mycology Spore Swabs! These spore-laden swabs are an excellent resource for mycology enthusiasts, cultivators, and researchers who wish to study, cultivate, or experiment with different mushroom species.

Each swab in this pack is pre-loaded with high-quality, viable spores, collected from mature, organically grown mushrooms. The collection process is carried out under strictly sterile conditions to maintain the purity of the spores and to prevent any cross-contamination.

Our Expert Mycology Spore Swabs are individually sealed and labeled with the mushroom species they’re sourced from, offering you a neat, organized way to build or expand your fungal library. The easy-to-use design makes these swabs a perfect tool for direct inoculation of substrates or for streaking on agar plates.

Whether you’re a beginner in the field of mycology or a seasoned researcher, our Expert Mycology Spore Swabs offer an efficient and reliable tool for your mycological explorations.


  • High-quality spore swabs from mature, organically grown mushrooms.
  • Collected and packaged under sterile conditions to ensure spore purity.
  • Individually sealed and clearly labeled with mushroom species for easy identification and organization.
  • Ideal for direct substrate inoculation or streaking on agar plates.
  • Pack of 2 spore swabs.

Explore the wonders of the fungal world with our Expert Mycology Spore Swabs – a reliable tool for your mycological adventures!

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Proudly grown in Salida, Colorado

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Trinity (Psilocybe cubensis)