Acid Drops · 200 Grams



One 200 gram jar of hemp infused hard candy.

Hand stretched nano emulsification.

Produced with authentic Savage Bros copper kettles and Thomas Mills brass drop rollers.

A piece of American history revitalized.

Except no substitute. Each jar is a mix of 3 possible flavors.

Lemon, Sour Strawberry, Blue Raspberry

Each 200 gram jar of candy contains

  • 1100mg CBD.
  • 47mg THC. (%0.24)

Each individual 1.8 gram candy bite contains

  • 10mg CBD.
  • 0.4mg THC. (%0.24)

Ingredients: Sugar, rice syrup, sunflower lecithin, cream of tartar, ethanol extracted winterized industrial hemp crude oil, non-GMO citric acid, olive oil, natural and artificial flavor and colors.